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The newest addition to the Momentum family, Breakthrough is the new way to ease into competition life without an intense time commitment.We created the additional company for dancers curious about competitive dance, but may not have had extensive training. Breakthrough's first competitive season 2016-2017 has been an absolute success and we are so thrilled to share his opportunity with new dancers in the Santa Barbara dance community!


BREAKTHROUGH Company Requirements 2016-2017:


Compete a minimum of ONE Company Group Dance


2 Hours of Rehearsal a week


         One hour Technique Rehearsal

                   Junior Breakthrough: Monday 4:45-5:45

                   Teen Breakthrough: Monday 6:45-7:45


         One hour Choreography Rehearsal

                    Junior Breakthrough: Thursday 5:30-6:30

                    Teen Breakthrough: Wednesday  7:30-8:30 (State St)


Compete at 2 Dance Competitions,

         KAR - March 3-5th, Redondo Beach, CA

         MOVE Dance Competition- May 19th-21 st Pasadena, CA



Perform in the Annual Company Concert & Spring Concert


Perform at numerous community events throughout Fall 2016/Spring 2017






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