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PETITE Company

PETITE dancer's are between the ages of 7-9 years of age and are strong performers! Petite members are fun and sassy to watch on stage and embody the meaning of "good things come in small packages!" These dancers are committed to becoming the best dancer they can be! We introduce to you...The Petite Company!


PETITE Company Requirements 2018-2019:



Compete a minimum of ONE Company Group Dance


3 Hours of dance a week:


        One 1 hour Hip Hop


        One 1 hour Choreography Rehearsal


1 Hour of Technique per week


Compete at 3 Dance Competitios  & 1 National Competition


Perform in the Annual Company Concerts



PETITE Company Members also qualify to:


Audition to compete with a SOLO


Audition to compete in Duet/Trio(s) - requires competing in additional competitions


Audition to compete in additional SMALL Groups- requires competing in additional competitions


Participate in company Production Number




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