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PRO Company

As a member of Momentum Dance Company's PRO team, dancers 18 & older have the opportunity to train, perform and compete as a true professional crew in and around Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Members of the PRO team will receive one on one training on industry standards, mentoring for developing their career as a dancer, and the opportunity to perform for audiences in a professional arena.  These dancers that are seeking more than just training once they have graduated from high school and would like to stay involved in the dance industry at a pre-professional level.


PRO Company Requirements 2018-2019


Dancers for 2017-2018 Season will be by INVITE ONLY


2 Hours of Rehearsal a week


       One hour of Technique Rehearsal

       One hour of Choreography Rehearsal


       Perform in the Annual Company Concert


Pro Members may compete solo(s) or duo/trio(s) at Regional Dance Competitions but are not required to.


Pro Members may also participate in the Production Number







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