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Class Tuition




An annual registration fee of $30.00  is due at time of the registration each season.  $30 for the 1st dancer, $20 for each additional family member. This is non-refundable


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. If you know you will be absent on the first class of the month, please make arrangements to pay ahead of time. No invoices will be sent out for open recreation class tuition.


A $25 Late Fee will be applied to any tuition not paid by the 5th of the month. If you know you will be absent on the 1st of the month please make arrangements to pay ahead of time. Auto-pay is available.  


We accept cash, check, VISA or Mastercard, in person or by phone. Return check fee is $25.00


There are no refunds or credits for missed rehearsals. A makeup rehearsal will be availble for technique rehearsals with another company.



Tuition Rates


1 class weekly--$65.00 monthly tuition

2 classes weekly--$130.00 monthly tuition

3 classes weekly--$190.00 monthly tuition

4 classes weekly--$245.00 monthly tuition

5 classes weekly--$295.00 monthly tuition

6 classes weekly--$340.00 monthly tuition

7 classes weekly--$380.00 monthly tuition

8 classes weekly--$415.00 monthly tuition

9 classes weekly--$445.00 monthly tuition

Tuition Rates for Introductory Level Classes


TWIRL - $10/CLASS $40/Monthly Tuition


BALLET I - $13/CLASS  $52/Monthly Tuition


JAZZ  I - $13/CLASS  $52/Monthly Tuition


TAP  I - $13/CLASS  $52/Monthly Tuition


HIP HOP I - $13/CLASS  $52/Monthly Tuition