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TWIRL- Toddlers With Imagination,

                            Rhythm and a Love for Dance

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Momentum is so excited to introduce the fun + fanciful new dance program for toddlers  "TWIRL"- Toddlers With Rhythm and a Love for dance! We will be launching this program in Summer 2018 with "Camp Twirl" and will follow up with weekly classes in our FAll 2018 program. The class is for all recreational toddlers and combines Tap, Ballet, Tumbling, Imagination and creativity in a fun learning environment for dancers ages 3-5 years old! Dancers enrolled in TWIRL will receive an activity packet, a reward ribbon to keep on their dance bag, as well as a Graduation Certificate at the end of the year!


It is the perfect class for your tot who can't sit still and just

wants to dance!


Class times for TWIRL: Monday 3:30-4:15 & *NEW* Saturdays 10:00am-10:45 am



TWIRL Fee is $10 and due at the time of registration.

TWIRL flyer