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MDC's National Award Winning Competitive Company

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Junior, Teen and Senior company are required to attend a total of 4 hours of Rehearsal, as well as one hour of Ballet, and one additional hour of teachnique.


Petite Company is required to participate in 2 hours of Rehearsal a week and one additinal hour of Ballet.


Mini & Pro companies are required to attend a minimum of 2 hours of rehearsal a week.


Our newest company BREAKTHROUGH is required to attend 2 hours of rehearsal a week.


• All Rehearsals will take place during the week Monday-Thursday, Choreography will be learned during Summer Choreography Camps (See Below).


•Solos, Duets/Trios, Small groups and Production numbers will have choreography set based on availability of dancers & choreographers.


•Commitment to the team is a priority, the goal is to create an environment & mindset among the dancers that they don’t WANT to miss rehearsals and competition team is a TOP PRIORITY. Doctors notes required if missing a practice due to illness or injury, otherwise you must come to class/rehearsal and watch.  Out of Town is only ‘excused’ absence.





All competitions and conventions the company attends are held outside of the Santa Barbara community.  Company members are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations for the competition/convention weekend.  Car pooling and room sharing is encouraged and also makes the experience more fun!










Radix Dance Convention www.RadixDAnce.com OPTIONAL

                                            Anaheim, CA DECEMBER 9-11, 2016


NUVO Dance Convention  www.goNuvo.com  OPTIONAL

                                              Long Beach, CA  JANUARY 13-15, 2017

(Travis Wall, Stacy Tookey, Dana Foglia, Ray Leeper, Mark Meismer)



VELOCITY Dance Competition  www.velocitydanceconvention.com

                                              Los Angeles, CA March 31-April 2nd, 2017

(Tabitha & Napoleon, Tessandra Chavez, Kyle Hanagami, Shannon MAther, Blake McGrath, Dee Caspary, Mark Goodman)








Showstopper Dance Competition- Anaheim, CA February 17-20, 2017


KAR- Redondo Beach, CA March 3-5th, 2017


MOVE Dance Competition- Ontario,CA June 2-4th 2017


MOVE Nationals- Palm Springs, CA July 8-13th, 2017





June 11: Solo Auditions for ’15-’16 company members


July 29: MANDATORY Pre-Audition Informational Meeting 6:00 PM


August 1-4: Summer Intensive


August 6: Open Auditions for 2016-2017


August 7: Audition Results posted at Olive Street Studio


August 8-12: Junior Company Choreography Camp


August 15-19: Petite & Mini Companies Choreography Camps


August 29: Fall Classes/Rehearsals begin


September 2-5: Teen Company Choreography Camp


September 9 :Mandatory Company-wide Meeting 6-8pm


September 10: Extra Dance Auditions—1pm


September 24: MDC Day at the Beach—12pm


October 15: Company Sleepover at State Street Studio—6pm  


October 21-22: Boo at the Zoo


November 12: Mom’s Night 6-8pm


December 2: Santa Barbara Holiday Parade


December 13: Winter Company Concert Tech Rehearsal


December 14-15: Winter Company Concert


February 10th: GVJH Dance Showcase


April 22: MUS Carnival


April 22-23: Earth Day Festival


April 29-30: SB Fair & Expo


June 29: Last day of Classes


June 30: Spring Concert Tech Rehearsal


June 30 & July 1st: Spring Concerts







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Pro Company

Click to Download 2016-2017 Competition Schedule IMG_1947 Image-1 (11)

2016-2017 Company & Breakthrough Schedule

What it requires...

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