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Class Styles

Class Styles

MDC is pleased to announce we are a full service dance studio, offering open recreational classes to all dancers in Santa Barbara county! If you love to dance and are looking to expand your training and dance education, Momentum would love to be your new dance home away from home! Your first dance class is always free, so come try out a class today! If you need help or have questions with placement, give us a call 805-364-1638.




1st & 2nd Grade


3rd-5th Grade


6th & 7th Grade


8th+ Grade

Ages 3-5 / Toddler

Ages 4-6


Ages 6-8


Ages 9-11


Ages 11-13


Ages 13+

As reference to help choose the proper class level for your dancer please see below. These are by no means exact, all dancers are different and may take classes outside the level proposed for their age. All level III & IV classes require approval from the director,

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