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About the Company

MDC's National Award Winning Competitive Company


Season Nine 2022-2023 

Company Breakdown


5 Core Groups 

Onyx Company

Turquoise Company

Opal Company 

Petite Company 

Mini Company


Company Requirements Season 9


Compete in 1 Core “Large Group”


  •  Compete at 3 competitions - schedule not set as of 5/4 


  • Take 1 ballet class, 1 technique class, 1 Leaps & Turns Class and 1 Rehearsal  a total of 4 classes weekly


  • Will only compete at Convention-Competitions if all dancers in the core group have other dances at the Convention as well

  •  The style of the core group dance will be decided by choreographer for that group


Additional Dances to Company Core Dance- Small or Large Groups

(i.e. small group Hip Hop, Small Group Tap, Small Group Lyrical, Small Group Jazz)


Participation in any additional dance will require dancer to 

  • add 3 weekly classes :

    • Technique of the style of the additional dance

    • Rehearsal for that Dance 

  • One Additional Ballet Class


  • All additional dances to the core large group will compete at the TWO additional conventions-competitions and Nationals.


  • This year we will introduce an alternate dancer for each of the 5 core group dances 

    • Can be a dancer from another Core Company or just named alternate for one company

    • Will not be charged for rehearsal /choreo fees

    • Will need to purchase costume

    • Once the dancer steps in,  then the dancer will incur comp fees & rehearsal fees 

    • If they never have to dance as an alternate, they  will perform in the end of year gala with their core company’s dance


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