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Matt and Lisa Klonowski

MDC Parents

“Our adventure with Momentum began three years ago when our daughter Kiyomi was 7 years old.  I still remember our first competition like it was yesterday.  We walked into the event hall with the raised stage, giant screens, racks of electronics and sound equipment, professional lighting and a team of judges with headsets on positioned in front of the stage.  We looked to Betsy for some reassurance that we were at the right place.  She must have read what was going through our heads, and she returned our glance with a confident, inspiring look, half excitement and half pride in the girls she had prepared for this day.  Our girls took the stage and danced their hearts out, erasing any doubt that we were at the right place.  Momentum has greatly improved Kiyomi’s skill as a dancer but more importantly has taught her how to become a performer, a competitor, a team member and overall, a better person.  We love Betsy and the community that has evolved around the Momentum Dance Company!”

Dia Rabin
MDC Student

“Momentum Dance Company went above and beyond to cater to my exact Dance needs. Never before had I been at a studio with such attentive teachers, loyal, dedicated students, with a happy, drama-free environment. Betsy Woyach, the director and owner, has so much passion for the art which drastically comes across in the competition winning pieces she sets for each company, along with the time and effort she puts into each and every dancer. In just one year of dancing at Momentum I grew immensely as a dancer and person and would not only recommend this studio but confidently say it is the ONLY studio you should send your dancer to.”

Thi-Anh Pabico

“So thankful that Kannyn has a dance family that is so loving, fun, supportive, and passionate. We had no idea when we embarked on this adventure four years go, that Kannyn would grow into the dancer she is today. She has formed lifelong relationships with dancers that have a similar focus and devoted work ethic. My normally more reserved and shy girl has found a platform where she can really shine and express herself. She loves it and has so much fun! Thank you so much Betsy and the #MDCFamily!!”

Stephanie Jamgochian


“Momentum has been such a wonderful place for Sophia.  She was hesitant at first to try jazz dance and do competitions when she started two years ago, but through your tutelage and support, she has grown into not only an improved dancer but a more confident person.  She loves dancing with Momentum; it's really become her passion.  You have been such a supportive dance teacher and have helped to push her to do more than she thought she could do.  She was so incredibly proud of the first trophy her Breakthrough team won. When I asked her if she wanted an individual trophy to take home to mark the event, she said "No, the team trophy is enough.  We did it as a team." And that, was incredibly valuable in and of itself; that she was part of something bigger than herself.  Thank you Betsy!”

Nancy Naretto

“From my daughter's first class at Momentum Dance Company, she knew this was the place for her.  The studio is her second home and her fellow dancers are like family. Betsy is great with the kids, pushing them to be their best and to improve in a supportive, loving way. I love to watch the students of Momentum Dance Company perform at competitions. It's not just their solid technique, but the joy they elude on stage. There is such a wonderful balance of fun and discipline in each and every dancer.”

Graham Breitenstein
MDC Guest Teacher

“I’ve been a guest teacher several times at Momentum and each and every time I have had an amazing time! The company’s owner, Betsy, knows how to train well-rounded and professional dancers that are willing and eager to learn. Her dancers were polite, engaged, and a thrill to teach. If you’re a dancer in the Santa Barbara area and want to expand your craft, Momentum is the way to go!”

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