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Betsy Woyach


A dancer, choreographer and master instructor for 17 years, Betsy Ann, is fulfilling her lifelong dream in creating Momentum Dance Company.  She has been trained and competed nationally and internationally in the United States and Canada since the age of 11. She began her dance training in Milwaukee, WI and her competitive career in Oakville, Ontario.  


She has been trained and danced professionally in Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary.  She competed for 9 years before graduating and pursuing her degree in Marketing at the University of Georgia.  While at UGA she founded the first Hip Hop dance program through the school's Athletic Center and taught for 3 years as the sole Hip Hop Instructor.  During this time Betsy also toured the United States with National Dance Convention/Competition LA Dance Magic, as a choreographer's assistant.


Upon graduation from UGA, Betsy pursued her professional dance career and moved to Los Angeles, CA.  

While dancing in LA, Betsy added such names as Will Smith, Backstreet Boys and Jamie King to her resume as well as various movies, tv shows and commercials. In 2008, she began an International Dance Workshop and took her teaching to various countries outside of the US including Cayman Islands, Anguilla and Jamaica.  Her teaching credentials landed her a job instructing at one of LA's prominent dance studio's International Dance Academy (IDA) in Hollywood. Instructing in Los Angeles was the beginning of dreams coming true for Betsy.  

Sharing her gift of dance has always been Betsy's first priority.  Creating Momentum Dance Company has taken that priroity to another level and allowed her to share her dream with even more dancers.  She is overwhelmed to provide an opportunity in Santa Barbara for dancers to compete, grow and inspire one another in a safe, nurturing, judge-free environment.

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