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Who are we? MDC!

More About Momentum Dance Company

Momentum is a boutique dance studio and home of the seven time national award winning competitive company. MDC prides itself on intimate sized classes focusing on each dancer's strengths and goals.  Every dancer is worked with individually to help them achieve ultimate success in their dance training. 

Company members cultivate characteristics such as team work, goal setting, hard work, commitment and dedication.  Competition is a step above a Performance Troupe as the company will be traveling outside of the community to be judged and awarded against other dancers in California.  This is an incredible opportunity for dancers to meet, bond, and be inspired by other dancers, as well as create memories that will last a life time.  Competitions provide dancers with constructive criticism and point out areas dancers can improve upon, outside from what their day-to-day instructors provide them with. It is a fresh perspective on dancing and keeps dancers "on their toes."  The reward for all the hard work is incomparable. 

Betsy Woyach's, the founder of Momentum, goal for creating Momentum Dance Company was to inspire dancers to reach new levels in their dancing, set goals, build self-esteem, and demonstrate what it means to be part of a team!  It has been Betsy's life long dream to provide an inspiring new opportunity for dancers.  Momentum has become a safe haven for early artists to hard working trained dancers from Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Goleta.

Momentum Dance Company - Santa Barbara


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"Momentum has been such a wonderful place for Sophia. She was hesitant at first to try jazz dance and do competitions when she started two years ago, but through your tutelage and support, she has grown into not only an improved dancer but a more confident person."

Stephanie Jamgochian, MDC Mom

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